Addiction Treatment at The Best De Addiction Centre in Ludhiana

If you are struggling with drugs and alcohol and want to quit additional problems. Then, Aas DI Kiran is The Best Option for your help. We provide the best treatment for addiction dependency. We have a qualified and skilled team of psychiatrists, Psychologists, and counsellers comprised of specialists who have achieved recovery themselves is a key part of learning the tool which people suffering from addiction need to require.

 At Our Aas Di Kiran, we are committed to providing our patients with the best possible care in order to help them recover from Alcohol Addiction. We are the leading De Addiction Centre in Ludhiana. Our center is well-equipped with basic amenities maintaining standards of unparalleled hospitality. To achieve this goal, we have categorized our recovery regime into 4 phases:

1. Detoxification

At Aas Di Kiran, we don’t believe only in medical detox. Our priority is the whole healing of body and mind. Therefore, To achieve better and more enduring outcomes, we prepare our patients to follow a self-instructed rehabilitation routine. To overcome the negative beliefs, we advise them to have faith in their own skills and to follow their inner calling.  

2. Counselling Therapy

Another vital phase of our recovery program. Recovery is a slow method, and it’s common for people to sometimes feel depressed, anxious, agitated, and even ready to give up. 40% to 60% of individuals are predicted to relapse at least once during their recovery journey, according to the National Survey. People frequently relapse multiple times. It’s a common stage of healing. 

3. Holistic Treatment:

Being the top Rehab Center in Punjab for Alcohol, we don’t just focus on the detoxification process instead, our recovery program attempts to provide comprehensive holistic care that cures a person’s mind and body as well. By identifying the issues of addiction and making patients aware of how it affects their families, we assist in overcoming alcoholism. It functions as a wake-up call and has frequently been quite beneficial.

Recovery requires strong commitment, effort, and patience because it is a protracted process. In these situations, family therapy and counsellling sessions are essential for assisting the patient in returning to their recovery path. 

Benefits of Join Our Top Nasha Mukti Kendra in Punjab for Recovery:

1.Back to Society:

Our effective rehab program teaches patients life skills that can be applied every day. Our goal is to help you in a 12-step program, recreation activities, and other pursuits that provide a secure environment for a person in recovery.

2. Access to Valuable Resources:

In order to support awareness and ensure that you stay on the right path after finishing a treatment plan and resettling into society, It is vital to participate in mental health therapy. A Qualified therapist will be able to see when you are suffering and will lead you to make important decisions about the therapies you should try out or refer to someone who specializes in a particular mental health issue.

To learn more about our services or any of the top Nasha Mukti Kendra in Punjab, Visit today! 

De Addiction Centre in Punjab:

Alerting your loved ones about your addiction without them noticing is a crucial step that many people find difficult. This can be accomplished by simply beginning an alcohol treatment program with the help of experts who deal with types of addiction on a daily basis. 
At Aas Di Kiran(Rehab Point) De Addiction Centre in Punjab, we are dedicated to helping you achieve a positive outcome. Professionals from medical, psychiatric, psychological, and nursing departments help our patients to love a life-free addiction and suit patients’ individual needs.

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Aas Di Kiran is the Best Rehabilitation Centre in Punjab for Drug and Alcohol addiction. We aim for permanent recovery and enhancement of the living status of addicted individuals by helping them to get relieved from addiction through our systematic treatment programs.

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